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Engraved Pens

Pens VU

Distinguished and enduring gifts that everyone loves

These beautiful ball point pens use standard Cross style refills. Simply twist the pen and pull it apart to replace. They have the finest 10k gold plated parts. We can laser logos or names. Keep in mind that the area is small. One line of text is best and logos that are not too tall. Feel free to send a picture of your logo and we can advise you. QUANTITY DISCOUNTS ARE AVAILABLE AND NO MINIMUM ORDER. VARIOUS HISTORIC WOODS ARE ALSO AVAILABLE AND CAN BE JUST THE EXTRA THING TO MAKE YOUR GIFT REALLY SPECIAL. Currently we have wood from the Grand Ole Opry. This Oak wood was salvaged after the historic Nashville flood. We have used Jack Daniels Whiskey barrel Oak. $35

Engraving set-up fee $15.